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Earlier this month I ventured off to one of my favorite cities, New York City, for a quick weekend trip. Having a jam packed schedule over three short days, I knew I needed my home away from home to not only be central but to be comfortable and inviting.

Over the past year, I have been following The Time New York on social media and made it my mission to file this hotel away for future reference. With meetings scheduled both uptown and downtown, a hotel that was located in the heart of the city and easily accessible as I make my way to opposite ends of the city was vital. The Time New York is perfectly situated in midtown in the Times Square district. If you have not been to New York before, Times Square is one of the busiest areas lined with skyscrapers, lights and an energy that never seems to sleep. With all of the commotion and the classic New York buzz in the air, this area of the city is often jam packed with tourists visiting from all over the world.

Although I wanted to be amongst the hustle and bustle of midtown, I tend to gravitate towards smaller boutique like hotels for the intimacy and quaintness that is often more difficult to achieve when staying at larger hotels. The Time New York is the perfect mix of boutique like feel yet being amongst the hustle and bustle of one of the greatest cities (and busiest) in the world. The moment I was greeted by their door men and directed to their lobby on the second floor, I could immediately feel that my home for the next few nights was going to be nothing but perfect.

As someone who is attracted to design, choosing a hotel for an upcoming stay is often determined (in addition to the location and reviews) by both the common room (lobby and restaurants) and bedroom’s interior aesthetic. When I spotted photos of The Time New York on social media, I knew I would not only feel comfortable but I would feel inspired during my stay. The soft white linens (who doesn’t love climbing into crisp white sheets after a busy NYC day?), the gold accents throughout and the perfect pink accent chair had me wanting to stay in the hotel room a lot longer than my schedule allowed.

I make sure to unpack my cosmetics and hang my upcoming looks for the days or weeks ahead. Out of all the hotels I have been so fortunate to stay at in my life, the closest and available storage at The Time New York has been the chicest I have seen yet. The glass closet provided me with an opportunity to not only admire my clothing from a far (I mean, I think it is pretty clear that I adore clothing) but I was also able to spend a few extra minutes in bed as I planned my looks for the day ahead.

I am always trying to think of ways where I can get an extra few minutes of shut eye. Whether it is doing my hair the night before or having my outfit ready to go, anything I can do to increase my time sleeping is worth it to me. Often when I am staying at a hotel, I will pick out a few items off their room service menu the night prior to be delivered upon my awakening. Ordering some breakfast to the room instead of making your way to the restaurant can add up to 45 mins to your sleep. Each morning I ordered some breakfast items from the delicious and very well known restaurant located in the hotel, SerafinaWhat is great about Serafina (other than their delicious authentic Italian food) is that I didn’t feel guilty ordering hotel food. Often when I am in NYC, I feel the urge to go to one of the array of trendy and well know restaurants available, which are not always located in hotels. Luckily, Serafina is one of those restaurants I make sure to visit when in the city.

Another great option for a delicious meal at The Time New York is LeGrande Lounge located off the main lobby. This lounge was the perfect location to head to after a busy day to unwind. The best part of this lounge was that after a drink or two it was only an elevator away to the room for some much needed shut eye. It really beats getting back into a cab and facing the NYC traffic once again.

Early morning, mid day or even after a busy day, I always love coming back to my hotel room to put on their plush robes and catch up on some reading. When I travel, I sometimes forget to take time to relax and reflect. The big windows, soft robes and perfected coffee at The Time New York was the perfect setting each day to wind down and truly enjoy my vacation….regardless of how busy it may be!

 If you find yourself in NYC soon, I can’t recommend booking a few nights at The Time New York. To locate or book a reservation at The Time New Yorkplease see below!

224 West 49th Street
New York, NY
(212) 246-5252

Blare June xx 

photography: nora varcho

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