Surfs Up

Although I am not a surfer per se, I like to think I am down with the surfer lingo!  As a result of growing up on the beach, watching Blue Crush too many times to count and traveling to a few ‘surfer paradises‘ throughout my travels, I have picked up on a thing or two.

Even though I may not officially be a surfer, the term ‘surfs up‘ continues to resonate with me daily.  Surfs Up is a phrase used when there are waves worth surfing.  Similar to surfers, we as ‘non-surfers‘ still need to determine which waves in our lives to ride and which to pass up on.  In life, we are are often presented with multiple paths and opportunities to navigate through daily.  Whether it is a certain career path or a personal relationship, we all make decisions on a regular basis that impact our future.  Like a surfer, we need to determine which life waves to ride and which to hold back on while we await another.  However, as important as it is to pick and choose accordingly, it is as equally as important (if not more) to not be scared and miss an opportunity.

For me, I tend to think about my life choices and the possible end result with each decision….but that doesn’t mean my spontaneity is lost.  Luckily, for me, I have been able to find the balance between a safe decision and a decision that could only be made by dreamer!

Whatever you may wish for your professional and personal lives, I hope that you too go catch your wave!

Surfs Up!

Lesley and Paul-42

Lesley and Paul-81

Lesley and Paul-76

Lesley and Paul-111

dress: sweet pea boutique

photography: dreamwood

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