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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of escaping the hustle and bustle of Toronto and headed to the beautiful JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka. Although I knew heading up north to cottage country would be relaxing, I didn’t predict I would find such calmness while engaging in recreational activities.

I must admit, I am not usually adventurous or activity-oriented on a weekend holiday. However, laying low can sometimes descend into endless hours of scrolling social media and finishing those loose ends from work. Therefore, I wanted to make sure my time at The Rosseau wasn’t jam packed yet was still a positive distraction from my every day commitments.

At The Rosseau, there is an array of different recreational activities offered. When reviewing the lengthy list of different options, Paul and I decided to sign up for morning yoga and watercolor journaling. Back in Toronto, I typically gravitate towards spinning classes that mimic a Saturday night rave. Being mindful that I needed rest and relaxation, we opted to participate in morning yoga at the resort as a mode of exercise.

After completing a full hour of yoga in the studio located in the main building at The Rosseau, I immediately felt rejuvenated and centered. Due to the instant benefits, I took my practice to the beach to continue working on what I learned. Because of my hectic daily work schedule, I am often only able to schedule my exercise sessions in the evenings. This was one of the first times I worked out in the morning, and I noticed the positive effects all day long. My energy levels were heightened, my appetite was more manageable and I had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time that evening. Although I continue to struggle with exercising before work, I take advantage of starting the day off right with morning yoga when I do have a late start to my day.

Another activity that Paul and I signed up for was watercolor journaling. Before heading down to this intimate class, I predicted that it would be enjoyable but was skeptical about the final product. I was thankfully mistaken. Surprisingly, I was able to sit throughout the class and remain on task to produce something I was proud of. The instructor of the class is a local artist who provided all the materials needed (that we could keep following the class for future journaling) and walked us step by step through achieving our own interpretation of the beautiful scenery before us.

I felt calm and creative during the class, and I started to notice, as I brushed paint on the canvas in front of me, all the beautiful colors and textures that are amongst nature. Often when we are task oriented we can forget to appreciate all the tiny details in our surroundings. As Paul and I walked back to our room, we reflected on the benefits we noticed from this experience and how we plan to continue to use our new painting materials on future travel.

Like many of you, my life is hectic, my schedule is packed, and taking time to just be is not always a top priority. What I have since discovered from my experience at The Rosseau was that engaging in a new activity, stepping outside of your comfort zone and truly appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds you will not only be enjoyable but is also beneficial to your mental wellbeing moving forward.

Blare June xx

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