Pink As F%#$

This past weekend I had the pleasure of eating at the adorable and even more delicious Pietro Nolita in New York City. I must admit, this quaint little restaurant first came to my attention on Instagram a few months back and I make sure I stop by for a bite each time I am in the city.

Therefore, like all trips to NYC, I made my way to pink heaven to enjoy a lamb burger and a cup of coffee this past weekend. What was different than my previous visits to Pietro Nolita is that I had the pleasure of meeting Pietro himself. I was sitting eating my burger when this nice man approached my table and gave me a sticker that read Pink As F%#$. I of course thanked him for his gesture but not knowing he was the brains and inspiration behind my favorite restaurant.

After I finished eating, like all Instagram lovers, I took a few shots with the perfect bubblegum pink backdrop outside. While I was perfecting my shot I was again approached by the man inside who gave me the sticker. Within a few minutes of talking I realized that the kind man in front of me was Pietro and he was about to inspire a blog post….so here it goes!

Due to my love for pink and all things feminine, I of course had to mention how the color he chose attracted me to his booming business. He explained that in Italy, where is from, pink is not actually considered a feminine color but it is surrounded throughout the architecture, food and clothing. We discussed the influence social media has on a business and how branding can go a long way….which brings me to Pink As F%#$. He explained that this slogan came to him one night at a bar when is friends questioned him for opening a pink restaurant? Pietro told me his response to the skeptical comments  by proudly stating that ‘yes and it’s Pink As F%#$.’

What Pietro may have not realized when he was telling me this story is that it is stories like this that inspire me to be my true self. As I have mentioned many times here on the blog, I have found it difficult throughout my years in medicine being my authentic self and not caring that I don’t conform to the norm of what a doctor should look like or do in his or her spare time. Pietro’s story reinforced that I need to continue to be my true self, embrace my differences and in the end just be Pink As F%#$.

Thank you Pietro, if you ever stumble upon this post….for having the most adorable restaurant in all of New York, for being your authentic self and helping others (like myself) to always remember they are Pink As F%#$.

Below you will find my favorite pink pieces that I have been lusting or have recently bought…I mean if I am going to be Pink As F%#$...I will require some new pink items…right?

Blare June xx
photography: nicole lapierre

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