Los Angeles: Olive & June

As much as I promise myself time and time again that I am going to learn to paint my own nails (aka learn to be patient), I keep finding myself in a pedicure chair with a cappuccino in one hand and the latest glossy magazine in another.  There is something about a perfectly painted manicure and pedicure that makes me feel put together as I tackle my work week.  As much as I love getting my nails done in my home city of Halifax, lately I have only been able to squeeze in the time when traveling. read more

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Los Angeles: The Ivy Restaurants

Prior to traveling to a new city or a city I have not visited for some time, I always like do research on where to dine, stay and visit.  Luckily, with the emergence of social media, not only am I able to easily discover where locals and trendy individuals spend their time and hard earned dollars but I can also get an inside look into the décor, food and over all esthetic of an upcoming dinning experience.

During my most recent trip to Los Angeles, I hardly had to do any prior research on the most sought after restaurants in the area.  The majority of the bloggers and influencers that I follow on social media are either living in LA or visit often and therefore I am able to keep my finger on the pulse on what’s currently trending in tinsel town.  I regularly see the most beautiful images posted of fresh floral arrangements, delicate floral dishware and food that looks almost too pretty to eat (key word…almost) all with a location tag that leads to The Ivy Restaurants. read more

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Los Angeles: The Beverly Hills Hotel

When I was little girl I dreamed of heading to Hollywood.  I remember at a very young age asking my father relentlessly to take me to Tinseltown to ‘make it.’  Every Christmas list, birthday wish and persistent plea…heading to LA LA land was always number one on my list.  In retrospect, I may have been out of touch with reality or truly a real life dreamer but I embarrassingly thought the moment I stepped off the plane I would be famous (ahhh the innocence of being young and naive).  I admit, I sat hours in the director chair I kept in my childhood bedroom (wearing a North Face fleece…how fitting) pretending I was on filming break. A girl can dream….right? read more

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Toronto: Colette Grand Cafe

Every time I visit Toronto, I make it my mission to stop for Sunday brunch at Colette Grand Cafe. This beautiful French restaurant is located at the bottom level of the Thompson Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. The endless options for brunch, including lobster, omelettes and eggs benny, keep me energized and satisfied after each visit. I find their Sunday buffet style is always the perfect last stop before to heading to the airport to catch my flight back to Nova Scotia.

If you’re in the area but do not have enough time to sit down, there is an adorable cafe also located in the restaurant that is easily accesssible. This cafe is filled with pastries and speciality coffee for any woman on the go. read more

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Toronto: Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Recently, I have had the pleasure of spending a significant amount of time in Toronto, Ontario.  Before each visit, I made sure to research where the most coveted places to shop, dine and spa were located.  When I discovered Her Majesty’s Pleasure online, I knew that it was a must stop during one of my visits.

This fully equipped spa is in a league by itself.  In all my life of spa hopping I have never seen such a unique and special place.  This beautiful space includes an airy café, lounge bar and a retail boutique…..all in addition to the endless amount of designated treatment rooms.  I was lucky to have spent a full morning at this gem, indulging in some much needed rest and relaxation.  As the name suggests, I truly did feel like a princess……..actually let me rephrase…. more like a queen! read more

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