Paddling Through

As you may have noticed this past week I have been away from my blog and social media. I explained in a recent blog post how life threw me a curve ball and why I needed to take some time to refocus and recharge as a result (you can read more here). Since last weeks health scare, I took some time to redefine what is important to me and how to move forward by paddling through this beautiful experience we call life.

Although I am going to keep the changes I will be making in both my personal and professional life to myself for the moment, you will come to notice over time that Blare will be focusing on more topics that matter to me and make me feel whole again.  These topics will include more content on mental health, real life issues (whether they are pleasant or not), travel, travel and even more travel (that will of course incorporate fashion). I need more in order to fuel my soul. I keep finding myself searching for more meaningful content online… I thought, why keep looking for it when I can create it myself? Unfortunately, it took a health scare to open my eyes to realize that I recently steered off my path and I got caught up. Although I love this creative world…I have a loyal following (I adore you all) and I need to use my voice and my expertise more to help others and spark conversations! To me, life is more than a new make up product or a number of following. There is a bigger world out there and I want to become an engaged participant.

Please don’t hear me wrong or think Blare will be drastically changing….I just need more! If last week taught me anything it is sometimes the river isn’t always downstream but those are exactly the times when you need to grab your paddle and make your way back up that creek.

Shop this look below and please remember…you to can paddle through!

Blare June xx

photography:  Suzii Banez

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