#NYFW: Where I Stayed

A few weeks back, myself and my friend, Erica from www.erienick.com, headed to NYC for fashion week. Due to the fact that we were both leaving the comfort of our homes for an entire week and that NYFW is notorious for being hectic and busy…..a comfortable place to rest between our busy schedules was a must! After searching online and scrolling Instagram relentlesy, 1 Hotel Central Park consistently caught our eyes as the only option!

1 Hotel has three different locations: Central Park, South Beach and now a new location next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Staying at a 1 Hotel is a different experience than previous hotels I have stayed at…..and that’s truly an under statement.  For one thing, the hotel is located just minutes from Central Park…enough said! However, in addition to the perfect location, 1 Hotels are focused on bringing an ‘at one with nature’ experience to all of their guests. Reclaimed wood and 100% organic cotton is used throughout their hotel, their food is solely farm-to-fork and if that wasn’t enough….the hotel has complimentary rides for their guests in Tesla electric vehicles. This last fact is what I plan to use to persuade my husband for future stays……shhhhh……he has a thing for Tesla’s and anything and everything that is environmentally friendly.

So without further ado…..take a look at the perfect escape in all of New York City: 1 Hotel Central Park



Located just below Central Park, the greenery surround the hotel entrance (and the Telsa’s lining the street) have those on foot consistently stopping for photos all day long! Once pulling up to the location, we were greeted by their kind staff and entered a perfectly curated lobby…..see below!




I don’t know if it the shag pillows and chairs or the mixture of textures, but this has to be one of the most eclectic lobby’s I have every seen! Think cactus, coffee table books on Fashion and all things NYC, marble and leather sofas that will make you want to stay all day!




Erica and myself ate at Jams a few times during our stay. Although I wasn’t aware prior to my visit, I became quickly aware after tasting the food that this restaurant was different than your typical restaurant just off a hotel lobby. For one thing, the chef is the critically-acclaimed Chef Jonathan Waxman and if that wasn’t enough all ingredients are local and straight from the farm. I enjoyed the spiced nuts, the heirloom salad, stracciatella toast and the chicken……all from different sittings of course!

Below is what I can confidently say was one of the most beautiful and relaxing rooms I have ever stayed in! Waking up in a large room (especially for NYC) and looking out the window to see endless greenery not only sets the tone each day but added a relaxing element to what was an incredibly busy and hectic trip! All the mattress’s they use are custom hemp blend by Keesta and all sheets are 100% organic cotton. Instead of a typical hotel phone, you are given a hotel smart phone when you walk into your room. On this phone you can order room service from Jams, schedule a wake up call, text the front desk! Although I felt the urge to get in DMC’s with the hotel staff via txt (FYI: DMC is what the Irish refer to as a Deep Meaningful Chats)….I saved myself some embarrassment and was able to refrain!








If you are visiting NYC soon, I highly suggest spending a night at this hotel or visiting Jams for a delicious meal! You will not be disappointed!

Last week I discussed my favorite places to eat in the city! Check back next week as I share an inside peak into what I was up to during my recent trip to New York….#NYFW: What I Did!

Blare June xx

photography:  Eric Laignel 

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