#NYFW: Where I Ate

A few weeks prior a dream of mine came true…I attended New York Fashion Week (#NYFW) for the first time. Ever since I started my blog last November (the 1 year anniversary is coming up..whoot whoot), I made it a goal of mine to attend the iconic week of fashion. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that day would happen so soon…pinch me!

I previously thought I would do one single NYFW post upon my return to share with you all. However, as I was preparing I discovered that there was just too much ground to cover in one entry. Therefore, I decided I would share a 3 part series over the next three weeks…..on the inside scoop on all things Fashion Week.

This week, I will be touching on all the restaurants and cafes I hit up during my recent travels. If you have an upcoming trip to NYC planed, live locally or just like to look at appetizing food photos then this is the post for you!

Without further ado here is the first post of the 3-part series

by CHLOE. 

Every time I am in New York, by Chloe is a must stop. Although I am not vegan per say, some of my favorite places to eat are those that are solely plant based. Besides the adorable atmosphere and being incredibly Instagram worthy, the food is  healthy and delicious. I highly recommend ordering a classic burger, a side of air baked sweet potato fries, and the smoothie of the day.  If you aren’t living in New York or visiting soon, don’t fret, there are now locations in Boston and Los Angeles. Perhaps a location in Halifax someday soon?!

The Butcher's Daughter 

This 100% vegetarian and non-dairy resturant and juice bar prides themselves on treating fruits and vegetables as a butcher would meat….with love and care.  As a company, The Butcher’s Daughter is committed buying produce from local farms by supporting the community’s sustainability. Their flagship location is in Abbot Kinney, California but as a result of their rising success, locations in Noho, West Village and Nolita (all in NYC) have since opened their doors.  Enjoy a cold pressed juice, a coffee or a raw smoothie as you munch down on one of the most delicious and energizing meal of your life!

Cafe Cluny

Cafe Cluny is a must stop when strolling through the West Village. This charming parisian bistro is a favorite amongst many well known influencers, editors and celebrities. Cafe Cluny is a  ‘hidden’ gem that first came to my attention while reading a glossy magazines years prior. While flipping through the pages, I often would spot candid photos of the Olsen twins leaving Cafe Cluny of the regular. If you read my blog regularly then you know the longtime loyalty I have for MK and A. Therefore, if it is Olsen approved……sign me up!

Egg Shop

This tiny yet adorable restaurant started originally as a result of a search for an egg dedicated restaurant. Whether an indulgent bacon-egg-and-cheese or an egg-white spinach scramble, the owners of Egg Shop couldn’t believe that a restaurant dedicated to the art of an egg sandwich didn’t exist, and so began their mission to change that….mission accomplished!


If there is one type of food that speaks to my heart it is Mexican! If fish tacos are on the menu then I am on board…pun intended! The atmosphere in TACOMBI is bright, airy and truly let’s you escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a margarita mid day….why not, right?

Jacks Wife Freda 

One of the most (if not the most) Instagram worthy spot in NYC is Jack’s Wife Freda. This uber popular husband-and-wife gem is a lively all all day bistro of both American and Mediterranean dishes. I have been going to JWF for years and I plan to go for many years to come! Worth the visit!

photo courtesy: Jack’s Wife Freda 

Cha Cha Matcha 

When I first spotted the bright pink round tables and matcha ice cream all over Instagram, I knew that I couldn’t go to NYC without making a pit stop to Cha Cha Matcha. Matcha, at its simplest, is finely milled Japanese green tea leaves, traditionally prepped with hot water into a frothy, whipped beverage. This ancient Japanese drink has over 100-times the antioxidants of regular brewed tea and is naturally one of the most antioxidant-dense foods on the planet….not that I need convincing….I was sold at the adorable pink cups!

Cafe Henrie

Similar to Cha Cha Matcha, Cafe Henrie is a pink dream. This beautiful cafe is not only delicious but it is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle that is the Big Apple. During my recent visit, I enjoyed a classic avocado toast and cappuccino… #heavenonearth.

Happy Bones 

Happy Bones is a must stop if you are looking for simple yet perfected coffee. This tiny little gem is quaint with three little tables side by side. As an avid coffee consumer, I have to say, in my opinion, hands down the best coffee in the city!


Of course, the classic American designer would perfect the coffee industry as well as fashion! Located on the top floor of Ralph Lauren’s 5th Ave flagship store, Ralph’s cafe is as classic and timeless as the clothes he designs. What is more convenient than having a adorable cafe located in the store you are ‘browsing’….I can’t think of anything! 


Chalait is another amazing matcha cafe, located in the West Village. Chalait (pronounced “chalet”) can be broken down to cha (tea in Japanese) and lait (milk in French). This is a perfect spot to relax while exploring the west side of the city and what better way than a cup of matcha!

 Bluestone Lane

This Australian cafe has since opened numerous locations in New York City and now a location in Montauk. With the multiple locations, it is a reliable place to grab a cup of coffee or a delicious meal on the go. Although I have never been to Australia (on my bucket list), if Bluestone Lane Cafe is any insight into Australian hospitality….I am on my way!

I hope the above restaurants and cafes are helpful as you plan an upcoming trip to NYC. Check back over the next two weeks as I share the second and third part of my #NYFW series: Where I Stayed and What I did. 

Blare June xx

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