Nova Scotia: Top 5 Weekend Getaways

Every summer I try to stay local and explore some of the beautiful landmarks our home province has to offer. Whether it is the city of Halifax or surrounding areas, there is so much to see and do locally. For me, traveling is one of my favourite things to do but the thought of a poor mobile connection while away makes me nervous. Although I like to getaway every once and a while for some rest and relaxation, I like to do some work and at the very least stay in touch with friends and family while traveling.

Luckily, no matter where I travel to this summer I can rely on TELUS ‘ wireless network to keep me connected. Did you know that TELUS has an extensive 4G LTE network that covers 99 percent of the Canadian population? With improved data connection, better call quality and faster downloads, I can head to my favorite remote locations this summer without feeling out of the loop.

Below are my top 5 summer getaway destinations in Nova Scotia


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Peggy’s Cove, located 26 miles from downtown Halifax, is a well known largely due to Peggy’s Point Lighthouse.  This iconic landmark, built in 1868, continues to be operated daily by the Canadian Coast Guard.  It is not surprising that this lighthouse is one of the most photographed structures in Atlantic Canada and is one of the most recognizable lighthouses around the world.  I chose Peggy’s Cove as one of the top 5 travel destinations in Nova Scotia not only due to it’s photogenic qualities (how dreamy is this photo?) but because I can’t think of a more peaceful day than enjoying a picnic with a friend while taking in this incredible view.


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Ingonish is a small rural community located on the northeast coast of Cape Breton Island.  This slice of heaven is situated on the Cabot Trail and is where I call home.  To me, there is nowhere on earth more beautiful, peaceful and relaxing than ‘Ingo.’  Whether it is walking the beach, enjoying dinner at the Ketlic Lodge or hiking middle head…..there is something about Ingonish that is truly majestic and that is why it made my travel list this summer!


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The Annapolis Valley is another promising staycation option this summer.  If there is something I enjoy in life, it is a sharing a delicious meal and a glass of wine with my closest girlfriends. The Annapolis Valley is known as wine country and therefore the vineyard options to choose from are endless. When I visit the Valley, I like to stop for a light lunch and a glass of wine at Luckett’s Vineyard. This romantic vineyard is nestled in the hillsides of Gaspereau Valley and is the perfect place to spend a summer day. 


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Growing up in Cape Breton, Baddeck has always been one of my favourite places to visit each summer.  This well known village is situated on the Bras d’Or Lake and is where the late Alexander Graham Bell would spend his summers. Baddeck is the perfect location to grab an ice cream, to walk the wharf or to grab a light lunch in the town centre. Another great thing to do when visiting Baddeck is to check out the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.  The invention of the telephone continues to amaze me and I am so grateful that Mr. Bell’s invention has evolved to what it is today.  I am fortunate that the mobile features that TELUS offers can keep me connected as I travel to different areas of the province this summer.


cl081414chester3the chronicle herald

The last but certainly not the least of my top 5 summer getaway destinations is the adorable town of Chester. This small town is incredibly quaint and unique, therefore it is not surprising to learn that this town has been the backdrop to many large Hollywood films.  Every summer Chester hosts a summer sailing regatta where crews from all over the east coast of North America come to compete during the second week of August. This location is always on my radar when I feel the need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city in order to stay rejuvenated and rested!

Although there is no shortage of locations for a staycation in Nova Scotia, I will be choosing one the destinations listed above to visit this summer! Please follow along on Instagram @blarejune and again here on the blog as I document my travels this August.  Nova Scotia truly is Canada’s ocean playground!

No mater where you travel in Canada this summer, you can rely on TELUS’ mobile network to keep you connected.

Blare June xx

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