Not Afraid Of White

There is nothing more crisp and more classic than wearing all white. Whether it is a pair of white jeans, a white button down or a beautiful white dress…if you spot me this season, you can bet I am head to toe in white.  As much as I have always loved wearing white, I used to steer away from this color palate out of fear that I would ‘ruin’ the piece. I have even bought white dresses and white blouses that I have never ever worn (and have since went out of style) due to this fear. Well not anymore!

Not only do I wear each white piece I own, I also no longer stress about what I could potentially spill on the garment. Life is too short to be worried about ruining those perfect white jeans…right? What’s the worst that can happen? You spill red wine on a dress, and unless it’s your wedding dress, it is replaceable. I get it, we all have those special items that have sentimental value or cost a pretty penny. Despite wanting to keep these items in pristine condition for seasons to come, life is about enjoying what you own in the moment.

I wear this beautiful white dress all the time. If you follow me on Instagram stories, you have likely seen me wearing it to a few events and dinners this spring. It’s light weight, it is versatile and yes it can be easily ruined with one little mishap. However, it is just a dress (as much as I respect the craftsman ship behind it). It’s meant to be worn, it’s meant to be loved and it’s meant to be a part of your everyday life.

If I have learned one thing in my older age (I can’t believe I am officially 31), is we all need to live more in the moment and not stress the small stuff! There is bigger issues in the world and keeping our whites a true white is not one of them!

Shop this entire look, including this Rebecca Minkoff dress, Vineyard Vines clutch and Loren Hope jewels!

Blare June xx
photography: kate nelle 
all photos were taking at The Phoenician 

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