No PJ Day

I can’t say I grew up in a very strict household. My parents (especially my father) were actually quite lenient with rules that would have been normal in another household. Whether it was curfew, chores, junk food or responsible drinking…they were pretty relaxed I must say (and I turned out ok….right?). That being said, as much as they were chill about other things they took education and respect very very seriously. My father did not have many rules for us but two that I found quite funny (although very frustrating at the time) was no participation in PJ day at school and no chewing gum in his presence. You are likely thinking….umm what? I know! That was pretty much the extent of his rules but he ensured (or at least he thought he did) that we stuck to this.

My father is a hard working physician that takes respect to others very seriously. From his perspective, wearing PJs to a learning environment was disrespectful to teachers, education and my future. I mean do you know embarrassing it was sneaking PJs into school and changing in the bathroom before class started so I could be an active participant of winter carnival?  To me, it was just a day of school pride and comfort…..but my parents did not see it that way. I loved my PJs… think pink and adorable. My dad would have cringed if he saw me strutting through the school (and likely chanting) in such a ‘disrespectful look.’

So when I spotted the PJ trend everywhere recently, I couldn’t help but think of my father. I mean I am an adult now, he wouldn’t even attempt to comment on what I wear (he is the cutest and refers to my looks as ‘chick’…thinking he is saying ‘chic.’). What I did take from reflecting on the way my parents raised my siblings and myself were the priorities they had for us. They put importance of being educated (whether it was self-learning or formal education) and respecting others as way more important than daily chores, curfew and limitations with treats…and I am so happy they did! I am not a mother, not an expert in parenting and for sure not a mommy blogger….but I can say that teaching children the importance of treating others (whether it is their jobs or their lives in general) with the most respect is more important than perfecting a well made bed!

Although my father may not approve…shop this look and my favorite PJ blouses below. I mean, who needs approval from a male anyway….not me!

Blare June 

photography:  Suzii Banez

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