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For the past few years, my family and I have been spending the holiday season in Naples, Florida. If you have not been to Southwest Florida, I recommend booking a one way flight at your next opportunity. My family and I are fortunate to have a place to stay when we visit this cute beach town and as much as there is enough room for our expanding family, it is nice escape and getaway during the holiday season (even if only for a few nights) with my husband.

Thankfully, when presented the opportunity to stay at the Inn on Fifth just last week in Naples, Florida, I jumped at the chance for some rest and relaxation away from the commotion of siblings, babies, parents and everything in between!

I have been visiting Naples yearly for many years and if you are familiar with this adorable beach town then you know that 5th Avenue is the place to be. This street is filled to the brim with adorable cafes, delicious restaurants and cute Floridian shops. When roaming this street over the years, the Inn on Fifth seemed to always catch my eye. In addition to the fancy cars that often lined the entrance and the beautifully dressed individuals walking in and out of the lobby…..this one of a kind boutique hotel screamed luxury…..and just this past week I had the chance to experience such luxe myself!

Below is an inside peak into my stay at the Inn on Fifth including some of my favorite aspects this boutique hotel has to offer! Thank you to the team at Inn on Fifth for your amazing hospitality and the opportunity to share your gem with my readers!


As I mentioned above, prior to this past week the entrance was as far I went in regards to experiencing what the Inn on Fifth had to offer. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the Inn on Fifth team and our bags were taken straight to our room so we could experience our initial moments at the hotel. I admit, I don’t know the difference between most cars but I do notice a luxury car as being different when I see it. My hubby likes a nice car as much as the next person but to say he has a thing for Tesla would be an understatement (he is always so green and eco friendly!). The Inn on Fifth team gave us their card to call them for a pick up wherever the night may take us (the car being a Tesla). Usually Paul would be all about the walking to avoid being ‘inconvenient’ to others…. but let’s say there was little walking to and from dinner and the beach when a Tesla is involved. Also from the street is the entrance to the hotels main restaurant Ocean Prime. If you are looking for a delicious steak and incredibly street view atmosphere then Ocean Prime is for you!








When we walked into the main lobby of the hotel all I could see where incredibly lush poinsettias and other holiday decor. The Inn on Fifth knows how decorate for a holiday. With incredibly high ceilings, a grand staircase and glistening chandeliers…..there was not one area of the lobby that was forgotten in regards to detail and decor. Upon entering this beautiful setting I felt like I was transported into a Christmas movie and the incredibly warm temperatures and sand between my toes were forgotten as I felt like I was truly in winter wonderland.






When we were walking to our room, I was confused to why we were leaving the main entrance and walking across the street. What I since learned is that the club level suites were located across the street and the inn rooms were in the main building. It was a pleasant surprise to be upgraded to a suite and as a result we were able to enjoy all the club level perks. In addition to having a very spacious room, including a living room and a balcony overhanging fifth avenue (let me tell you….it was the perfect people watching location that I have ever experienced)….it was the perks on the main floor that made me swoon. These club level perks included breakfast, all day coffee/tea and a happy hour which included a open bar and endless amount of delicious appetizers. My mouth is waterning  just thinking about the shrimp cocktail.









There is nothing I love more than a late afternoon swim following a day at the beach. The pool and courtyard at the Inn on Fifth was the perfect setting for a relaxing swim and late afternoon snack. My husband and I enjoyed their hot tub and pool as we sipped on our favorite cocktails. As I write this entry from the freezing cold that I am experiencing here in Canada, I wish so much I could be transported back to the luxury that I experienced last week at the Inn On Fifth!














If you are looking for a weekend away, I can’t recommend the Inn on 5th in Naples, Florida enough! You can book your stay here  or by calling the hotel directly at 1 (888) 403-8778!

Blare June xx

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