Los Angeles: The Ivy Restaurants

Prior to traveling to a new city or a city I have not visited for some time, I always like do research on where to dine, stay and visit.  Luckily, with the emergence of social media, not only am I able to easily discover where locals and trendy individuals spend their time and hard earned dollars but I can also get an inside look into the décor, food and over all esthetic of an upcoming dinning experience.

During my most recent trip to Los Angeles, I hardly had to do any prior research on the most sought after restaurants in the area.  The majority of the bloggers and influencers that I follow on social media are either living in LA or visit often and therefore I am able to keep my finger on the pulse on what’s currently trending in tinsel town.  I regularly see the most beautiful images posted of fresh floral arrangements, delicate floral dishware and food that looks almost too pretty to eat (key word…almost) all with a location tag that leads to The Ivy Restaurants.




Well before the emergence of social media I was aware of this classic family of restaurants.  I remember flipping through magazines as a teen and seeing a white picket fence lined with fairy lights with A-list celebrities ducking in and out regularly with their family and friends.  I decided to squeeze in a few meals at this trendy little spot during my most recent trip to LA LA land……and to say it didn’t disappoint would be an understatement.

If I could dream of perfect décor, The Ivy Restaurant would be it!  The airy space is a floral haven and perfect for anyone who appreciates the importance of details.  As a avid coffee consumer, I was beyond impressed by the size of the cappuccino that shortly arrived at my table after arriving.  My hot beverage arrived a mug the size of bowl……#approved!  The menus were carefully lined with palm and pink fabric that listed of an incredible amount of options that would make any mouth water. I ordered eggs benedict at my first seating at the West Hollywood location and calamari and salad in Santa Monica.




If you are visiting Los Angeles in the near future and are looking for not only delicious food but an ambiance that makes you leave wanting to redecorate your home……then The Ivy Restaurants is a must stop!

I don’t describe myself as a ‘foodie’ but I do appreciate enjoying a meal in a place that inspires me creatively and with friends who appreciate similar experiences.  We spend a lot of our money on a dinning experience and to me it should be more than just the food (although the quality of the food is vital). Leaving the The Ivy Restaurants I did not only satisfy my craving and sweet tooth but I left feeling more inspired…and that folks is a true dinning experience!





The Ivy 

113 N Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 274-8303

 The Ivy at the shore

1535 Ocean Avenue
Santa Moncia, CA
(310) 393-3113


Blare June xx

 photography: blare june


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