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During elementary school, one of my favorite articles of clothing was my worn-in Nantucket white tee. This prized possession was gifted to me following one of parent’s many sailing trips. At the time, I didn’t have the slightest clue where this mystical island was located (my geography knowledge was quite limited at that age) but I always dreamt of visiting Nantucket one day.

The super soft and eventually holey tee was a scenic photo of  a beach with colorful umbrellas and boats sailing the horizon. The image above could have not been more identical to my old tee (minus a few sailboats). When I spotted these colorful umbrellas at Galley Beach, not only did I appreciate the simplicity of the scenery but I was immediately brought back to my aspiration of visiting Nantucket (let’s just say the nostalgia was at an all time high)!

When the opportunity to visit Nantucket and stay at a Lark Hotel: 21 Broad came about this summer, I knew immediately this was my chance to fulfil this childhood dream. My lovely friend, Kaylee (@theblondielocks) and I have always talked about planning a trip together so it felt like no-brainer to travel to Nantucket together.


Although I researched our accommodation at length prior to visiting, when driving up to this boutique inn I was pleasantly surprised by the quaintness of the property.

The property’s victorian aesthetic and traditional architecture had me immediately feeling at home the moment I walked through their main doors.

I always appreciate a large luxury hotel, however, there is something so personal and special about visiting a boutique location.

It only took approximately 20 minutes following our arrival before Kaylee and I were not just unpacked and settled in but had already met a few new friends.



The interior of 21 Broad was just as charming and unique as the exterior. In my opinion, there is nothing better than a hotel bedroom that is decorated in crisp white. Crawling into their soft white sheets following full days of exploring was not only comforting but reminded me of my own bed at home (and there is nothing better than feeling like home when traveling).



As mentioned in our 3 Day Nantucket Guide, 21 Broad has both a large indoor and outdoor living space. The spacious spaces are the perfect place to catch up on their local paper, get a tan or mingle with the other house guests.

What I found the most unique about 21 Broad (more than any other resort, hotel or inn I have ever visited) was how friendly the other visitors were to Kaylee and I. The inn’s complimentary breakfast and cocktail hour set up an atmosphere that was inviting and encouraged a community. Let’s just say by the end of our stay, most (if not all) guests were aware we are Canadian and that we share our travels with others online.





Visiting Nantucket and stay at a Lark Hotel was more to me than another travel adventure. For me, it was a reflective moment in time of simpler days. I will always be incredibly grateful for the tee that was gifted to me, that I build this New England island up in my head and that in the end it exceeded my expectations. The young Blare June in me was truly a dreamer….and I guess things never really change.


Thank you to Kaylee for being my amazing travel buddy and to Lark Hotels for hosting us on your beautiful island. Until next summer….fingers crossed!





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