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There is nothing I enjoy more than escaping the hustle and bustle that is my reality to explore fresh surroundings and form new memories. Although jumping on a plane for an exotic location is always exciting, I can often find what I am searching for in my own back yard.

As a physician specializing in psychiatry, I give advice and recommendations day in and day out on maintaining work life balance and managing stress and anxiety. While I can easily advise others on best practices, I don’t always take my own advice. Recently, I found myself needing some rest and relaxation as I was feeling run down and the smallest tasks started to become overwhelming. Although I knew a getaway was in order, the idea of airports and changing currency had me immediately feeling exhausted. Therefore, when presented with the opportunity to visit the beautiful JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka, I quickly packed my bags and headed north feeling both excited and calm.

As a new resident of Ontario, I have become familiar with the city of Toronto but I can’t say I ventured too far from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Being able to spend a weekend away from the city to enjoy the renowned beauty of Ontario was something I was looking forward to for days. Although the drive to Muskoka from Toronto took a few hours, it felt much shorter than I anticipated. The drive was beautiful, the scenery was breathtaking, and as we drove further away from the city lights, I felt more and more relaxed. These early physical changes (less keyed up and on edge) confirmed to me that I not only wanted a break…I required one.

The Rosseau is in the hamlet of Minett, which resides in the township of Muskoka Lakes. Driving up to the sprawling and beautiful resort that overlooks Lake Rosseau, I instantly felt like I entered a movie set or a picturesque photo from a travel magazine. As my husband and I checked into our home away from home and became familiar with the property, our immediate plan was to head to the spa. Although I like to splurge from time to time on spa treatments, my husband, Paul, previously (key word being previously) did not see the point. Knowing that he also required some undivided time to relax, I sold the idea of massages to him and we were off to the spa.

Paul and I were booked in for The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience at Spa Rosseau, which is conveniently located on property.  This signature massage is known to release body tension by the means of applied pressure, it includes Swedish and neuromuscular techniques that relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage that helps encourage healthy circulation. Immediately upon leaving the spa facilities I not only felt lighter on my feet but my body felt relieved of strains and stress.

Although spa treatments are not always financially feasible, they are in my opinion, worth every penny. With proper saving for such an experience and truly giving your body the rest and love it deserves, your muscles will not only thank you but so will your mind. Just like regular exercise, taking time to relax with no outside distractions will benefit you in regards to your quality of sleep, stress levels and ability to cope with life circumstances that may be thrown your way.

As we became more and more familiar with the resort (and even more relaxed), we came to appreciate the array of relaxing opportunities offered on the property. The Rosseau provides guided nature walks, outdoor recreation activities, watercolor journaling, golf, swimming and yoga…to name a few. Although it would have been easy for Paul and I to jump on our phones or laptops and finish off emails and work tasks from the previous week, we decided to leave our work commitments in Toronto and embrace these unique opportunities offered at the resort. We participated in early morning yoga, watercolor journaling, and sat on the wharf for hours to catch up on books and spend quality time with each other. Just like work can take over, so can our phones and other electronics. Another way I wanted to rest my mind during this trip was to schedule time I would engage in social media and devote the other protected time with my husband. It is incredibly important to ‘turn off’ every once and while and reconnect in the old fashion way. Not only will you feel closer to your friend, partner or even stranger (we met so many lovely guests and staff on the resort) but you will also find yourself living in the moment and not living for the ‘shot.’

As I write this piece on my recent stay at the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka, I am not only reminiscing of the beautiful setting, the incredible facilities or the kind hospitality…I am also reminded of the benefits this trip had on my mind. Whether it was spending time at the spa, morning yoga or taking the time to escape the tech world and engage in real conversations, I felt the benefits (including improved sleep, less feeling overwhelmed and on edge) for the weeks that followed. I can’t recommend enough taking the time to invest in a weekend away at The Rosseau with a friend or partner (or even by yourself). Trust me when I say, your mind will thank you.

Blare June xx

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