If Shoes Could Talk

As much as I can appreciate a great pair of shoes, I often find myself gravitating and lusting for new handbags to add to my collection. There is something about a timeless bag that only looks better with age that keeps me wishing for more and more. Yes, there are so many beautiful shoe designers whom I admire and there are also so many styles I would love to own. However, for me, the thought of running such perfection with wear was too difficult to invest.

When I spotted these metallic heels, I knew they were coming home with me immediately. Not only are they in my favorite color and take on a different look with every movement (thanks to the metallic material) … but I swear they spoke to me in the store (or least that is what it felt like!). As they were perched on a shelf amongst other beautiful shoes, I quickly scanned the store to have these heels catch my immediate attention. As soon as I tried them on (the only size remaining), I had my first Cinderella moment. My foot slid easily and comfortably down the arch, they were incredibly comfortable and at that moment they already felt a part of my existing collection. Welcome home!

Feeling excited about my new purchase, I unboxed them immediately (I’m sorry…no ‘unboxing’ videos for me…. but that’s for another time) and placed them amongst my small but very well curated shoe collection.  I adored my new shoes. To me, they are art!

A few short weeks following my purchase, I was presented with one of the most exciting partnerships of my blogging career to date….I partnered with Porter Airlines (I can’t wait to share this collaboration with you soon). As I packed my bags for my trip to Boston with Porter Airlines, I scanned my closest to determine what special items I would include. It was then the shoes spoke to me again…’take us please.’

As I sat on the floor in my closest, carefully choosing ‘Boston appropriate’ looks, I thought to myself…why the heck wouldn’t I bring my new favorite item? Could these heels get scuffed? Could they get wet? Could they get ruined? The answers to all three questions is of course (and unfortunately) yes! But the question remains…who the heck cares?

My trip to Boston was a special moment in my life. It was a sign that I am continually working hard and I was on my way to further exciting opportunities and projects. As I embarked on this new adventure, I wanted to be true to me and celebrate how far I have come. To me, that had to happen in these beautiful purple metallic heels (I mean, no brainer…right?!).

Going forward, as I have mentioned before, I do not want to wait to wear my pieces or lose sleep for what could easily happen to them with wear. I want to continue to live in the moment, wear my shoes until they need to be re-soled and jeans until there are actual holes (and not the ones you buy pre-destroyed).

Trust me, if your shoes could talk…. they would tell you to live in the moment, worry less and look damn good doing it!

Blare June xx

photography: Bettina Bogar

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