Find Your ‘Place’

Although I am from the east coast of Canada, I have always gravitated towards cacti, dry heat and all things desert (of course, all things that can’t be found in the great north). When I had the opportunity to visit The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician Resort  in Scottsdale, AZ, I knew all my desert dreams were going to come true.  There are an array of different ways people seek inspiration amongst their surroundings. For me, I tend to feel calm and my most creative self in a few different settings (the beach, sailing on the wide open ocean and the desert).

Immediately upon checking in at the resort, I noticed what looked like a nature walk filled with cacti and other beautiful plants just off the main entrance to the suites. I therefore quickly dropped off my bags and headed to the path looking to be inspired after what was a long cold winter in Canada. I am fortunate to have discovered, at a young age, where I feel most inspired and where I feel at peace. Although this place can differ from one individual to the next, it is so important to find this place(s). For some, it may be the comfort of their own bed or for others amongst the alps out west….wherever it is, find your place and visit as often as you can. As I walked through the sprawling path of nature at The Canyon Suites, I felt at peace, excited for my adventure ahead and for the first time in a few months I felt warm and rejuvenated.

Tomorrow, I am going to be showing an inside peak into The Canyon Suites including their beautiful facilities, amenities and my overall experience. This is not a post you will want to miss. Stay tuned!

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Blare June xx
photography:  kate nelle 
All photos were taken at The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician

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