The Time New York

Earlier this month I ventured off to one of my favorite cities, New York City, for a quick weekend trip. Having a jam packed schedule over three short days, I knew I needed my home away from home to not only be central but to be comfortable and inviting.

Over the past year, I have been following The Time New York on social media and made it my mission to file this hotel away for future reference. With meetings scheduled both uptown and downtown, a hotel that was located in the heart of the city and easily accessible as I make my way to opposite ends of the city was vital. The Time New York is perfectly situated in midtown in the Times Square district. If you have not been to New York before, Times Square is one of the busiest areas lined with skyscrapers, lights and an energy that never seems to sleep. With all of the commotion and the classic New York buzz in the air, this area of the city is often jam packed with tourists visiting from all over the world. read more

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#NYFW: What I Did

Just over a month ago, a dream of mine to attend New York Fashion Week came true.  Just days before I flew to NYC, opportunity to attend a few shows were presented to me that I could not pass up. Myself and my friend who resides in Los Angeles, Erica from, packed our bags, booked a last minute flight and set off to the city that truly never sleeps.

The past two weeks I touched on my recent trip to the big apple in a three part series: Where I Ate & Where I Stayed. Today, the final post in my #NYFW series, is what I was truly was up to besides cafe hoping! read more

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#NYFW: Where I Stayed

A few weeks back, myself and my friend, Erica from, headed to NYC for fashion week. Due to the fact that we were both leaving the comfort of our homes for an entire week and that NYFW is notorious for being hectic and busy…..a comfortable place to rest between our busy schedules was a must! After searching online and scrolling Instagram relentlesy, 1 Hotel Central Park consistently caught our eyes as the only option!

1 Hotel has three different locations: Central Park, South Beach and now a new location next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Staying at a 1 Hotel is a different experience than previous hotels I have stayed at…..and that’s truly an under statement.  For one thing, the hotel is located just minutes from Central Park…enough said! However, in addition to the perfect location, 1 Hotels are focused on bringing an ‘at one with nature’ experience to all of their guests. Reclaimed wood and 100% organic cotton is used throughout their hotel, their food is solely farm-to-fork and if that wasn’t enough….the hotel has complimentary rides for their guests in Tesla electric vehicles. This last fact is what I plan to use to persuade my husband for future stays……shhhhh……he has a thing for Tesla’s and anything and everything that is environmentally friendly. read more

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#NYFW: Where I Ate

A few weeks prior a dream of mine came true…I attended New York Fashion Week (#NYFW) for the first time. Ever since I started my blog last November (the 1 year anniversary is coming up..whoot whoot), I made it a goal of mine to attend the iconic week of fashion. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that day would happen so soon…pinch me! read more

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NYC: Coffee Guide

Yes, I admit…I am a bit of a coffee snob. Heck, my friends in college didn’t call me the mocha princess for nothing! And although my warm beverage of choice has changed multiple times over the years, I truly believe I will remain a cappuccino queen for life (…..I can be a self proclaimed queen, right?)

 Before I go on a holiday, I like to research the locals’ top recommended cafés. I always try to stay away from coffee establishments we have here in Halifax and venture out to try new tastes. Below are my favorite coffee joints in NYC…. I have been visiting many of these cafés for years and I can’t recommend each of them enough! read more

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