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During elementary school, one of my favorite articles of clothing was my worn-in Nantucket white tee. This prized possession was gifted to me following one of parent’s many sailing trips. At the time, I didn’t have the slightest clue where this mystical island was located (my geography knowledge was quite limited at that age) but I always dreamt of visiting Nantucket one day.

The super soft and eventually holey tee was a scenic photo of ย a beach with colorful umbrellas and boats sailing the horizon. The image above could have not been more identical to my old tee (minus a few sailboats). Whenย I spotted these colorful umbrellas at Galley Beach, not only did I appreciate the simplicity of the scenery but I was immediately brought back to my aspiration of visiting Nantucket (let’s just say the nostalgia was at an all time high)! read more

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A 3 Day Guide To Nantucket

Nantucket has always been a summer destination I have dreamt of visiting one day. Iโ€™ve built this charming New England island up in my head year after year and I can now excitedly confirm that it exceeded all my expectations โ€ฆ and then some.

Last week, my friend Kaylee (@theblondielocks) and I had the opportunity to visit the island once and for all. With only three short days on the island, we made sure to soak in all that it had to offer. Whether it was dinning at the most talked about restaurants around town or visiting the most instagramable locations, we hit the ground running the second our plane landed. read more

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