Bali: Four Seasons

Today is the final entry of my three-part Bali series and I couldn’t be more excited to share this special last post with you all. Over the past two weeks, I shared where we stayed our first week and what we were up to. This week, I am giving you an inside peak into where my husband and I decided to spend our final week in Bali… the beautiful Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay. This one-of-a-kind resort was designed as a traditional Balinese village with luxurious villas spreading 35 acres of oceanfront. Immediately upon entering their outdoor lobby, we were greeted by the Four Season’s attentive staff with wet face towels and the resorts signature drink. As we made our way to the room in one of the many golf carts owned by the resort, I had difficulty controlling my excitement as we passed beautiful landscapes, restaurants and waterfront views. read more

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Bali Highlights

Today, I’m sharing the second entry to my three-part Bali series. Last week I showed an inside peak into my stay at the beautiful St. Regis Bali Resort and next week I’m taking you back to yet another slice of heaven. Although it was hard to leave the two resorts we stayed at….we did venture off on the daily to explore what the beautiful Bali had to offer. Prepping this post, I had a difficult time narrowing down and curating my photos to share with you all. As a result of an overwhelming amount of photos and lists, I decided instead to showcase my 5 Top Highlights! read more

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Bali: The St Regis

For the past three weeks I have shared a series on my recent NYFW adventures (you can read the posts here: one, two and three). I really enjoyed breaking down my travels into distinct posts and as a result reminiscing about my recent memories. Therefore, I decided to start up another three-part series…. but this time instead of NYC….I’m taking you to Bali!

Just a few months weeks back, my husband and I packed our bags and took the lengthly haul over to Indonesia. Ever since I read Diane Von Furstenburg’s first biography about her time living in Bali…I knew this was a place I must visit. With much research and debate over where we would like to devote to our honeymoon travels, Bali continued to come up at the top of the list. Paul and I continue to reminisce on the daily about what we feel was ‘hands down’ the best two weeks of our lives together. If you are currently looking for your next adventure or a honeymoon destination, I can’t recommend the island of Bali enough! read more

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