Toronto: Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Recently, I have had the pleasure of spending a significant amount of time in Toronto, Ontario.  Before each visit, I made sure to research where the most coveted places to shop, dine and spa were located.  When I discovered Her Majesty’s Pleasure online, I knew that it was a must stop during one of my visits.

This fully equipped spa is in a league by itself.  In all my life of spa hopping I have never seen such a unique and special place.  This beautiful space includes an airy café, lounge bar and a retail boutique…..all in addition to the endless amount of designated treatment rooms.  I was lucky to have spent a full morning at this gem, indulging in some much needed rest and relaxation.  As the name suggests, I truly did feel like a princess……..actually let me rephrase…. more like a queen! read more

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Toronto: Coffee Guide

I’ve recently had the pleasure of spending a few scattered weekends in Toronto. I thoroughly enjoyed roaming the different neighborhoods and checking out a few of my favorite cafés. Although the weather was cold (literally freezing), I was able to keep warm by sneaking in and out of the cafés below for a toasty beverage. I believe a lot of us who live on the East Coast sometimes underrate Toronto and what it has to offer….because I must say, their coffee options are on point.

If you’re a self-proclaimed coffee fanatic like myself then the list below is for you! read more

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NYC: Coffee Guide

Yes, I admit…I am a bit of a coffee snob. Heck, my friends in college didn’t call me the mocha princess for nothing! And although my warm beverage of choice has changed multiple times over the years, I truly believe I will remain a cappuccino queen for life (…..I can be a self proclaimed queen, right?)

 Before I go on a holiday, I like to research the locals’ top recommended cafés. I always try to stay away from coffee establishments we have here in Halifax and venture out to try new tastes. Below are my favorite coffee joints in NYC…. I have been visiting many of these cafés for years and I can’t recommend each of them enough! read more

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Vancouver: Business & Leisure

Traveling has always been one of my greatest pleasures. I try to take any opportunity to explore new surroundings or immerse myself in a different culture. I recently went to present at a conference in Vancouver and although my main focus in Vancouver was for work, I could not resist checking out some trendy gems between work related commitments.

Work/life balance has always been important to me, and when I travel for work it is no different. When I am away for work I always try to meet up with friends in the city, grab a bite at a trendy restaurant and of course sneak in a little shopping. In my experience, maintaining this balance helps me stay focused when working. read more

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