Nicole Lapierre

Today, it is with great pleasure to introduce the newest Real Women feature….Nicole Lapierre. Nicole is the talented photographer behind the local lifestyle photos taken of me for the blog. When Nicole and I first met, I knew instantly that we were not only going to work well together but being in her presence I was going to grow. Nicole has taught me not only to not to be afraid of my own camera (I took her tutorial class and I highly recommend) but she has taught me how to be comfortable with myself both in front of the camera and in my every day life. read more

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There is nothing I love more than supporting local talent. With Christmas approaching so quickly (can you believe December is tomorrow?), I need to get my butt in high gear and start crossing off presents on my list! This year, I plan to shop for many of those on my list locally… instead of my usual methods of behind a screen! Today, I am so excited to share with you the unique opportunity we have here in Halifax, Nova Scotia……to be able to shop all your favorite local designers and creatives in one single space! read more

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House Of Hire Designs

Interior design or re-decorating an already existing space can be daunting to many….myself included.  With such an abundance of photo inspiration and online shops, it is not difficult to get lost in the midst of an endless amount of pinterest scrolling.  I have recently decided to switch up my space as my style has been evolving aesthetically. For the past two months I have been working with Lauren from House Of Hire Designs to bring my vision to life (currently still in progress).   Make sure to check back in later in the fall to see the big reveal of my new space. Until then we can all lust over Lauren’s perfectly curated interior below! read more

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Ozlem Metinoglu Manness: House Of Moda

I’ll never forget the day my older sister informed me about this ‘girl at the Halifax market that sells the prettiest earrings.’  How did I not know about this?  I thrive on knowing all about up and coming trends, designers or creative entrepreneurs.

At that time, my sister compiled quite a collection of bling made by Ozlem from the House of Moda. I admired how such sparkly gems could be dressed down with a white tee and jeans in addition to wearing each piece out at night.  Each piece was so versatile….in a Beyonce kind of way.  Like my sister, I also needed a pair (or two…) in my life!  I made my way down to the market where I was greeted kindly by Ozlem herself.  As I carefully looked at all the sparkle shinning back at me, I chose a beautiful purple and turquoise stoned necklace.  At that moment, I was hooked! read more

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Kaylee Giffin: The Blondielocks

Prior to starting, I often looked to other bloggers for daily inspiration….and still do to this day. Amongst the many lifestyle bloggers that there are, a Canadian blogger caught my eye with her soft and feminine photos in addition to her curated content. I never realized until much later that my favourite Canadian blogger who resides in Toronto, Ontario was not a Toronto native but was actually from Halifax, Nova Scotia (where I call home).

I had the pleasure of meeting Kaylee from during a recent visit to Toronto. Kaylee was kind enough to give an exclusive peak into her life as a blogger. So without further ado….. read more

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Katrina Tuttle: Designer

If you live in Halifax, and adore all things feminine and creative, I can probably bet you have heard the name in today’s feature. I first heard of Katrina Tuttle when I moved to Halifax and started shopping at Sweet Pea Boutique. As I was flipping through the racks at Sweet Pea, I stumbled upon a label that I had yet to hear of…..Sweet Pea Collection by Katrina Tuttle. My eyes were immediately drawn to the feminine silhouettes and delicate details of Katrina’s designs. It is so unique and special to see a collection at a local boutique designed by local talent. read more

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