Not Afraid Of White

There is nothing more crisp and more classic than wearing all white. Whether it is a pair of white jeans, a white button down or a beautiful white dress…if you spot me this season, you can bet I am head to toe in white.  As much as I have always loved wearing white, I used to steer away from this color palate out of fear that I would ‘ruin’ the piece. I have even bought white dresses and white blouses that I have never ever worn (and have since went out of style) due to this fear. Well not anymore! read more

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All In Moderation

There is nothing I enjoy more than jetting off to a place near or far for a weekend. There is something so magical about how one minute you can be finishing up your last minute work task…to the next sitting at a beach (and all without taking ‘vacation days’). After many conversations with friends, and others who aspire to travel more, I discovered that quick trips aren’t for everyone. For one, you have to be completely comfortable with always being on the go, you have to be ok with leaving a destination ‘without seeing it all‘ and most importantly you have to get used to airports (the wait, the food and catching up on shut eye in an uncomfortable chair). read more

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Find Your ‘Place’

Although I am from the east coast of Canada, I have always gravitated towards cacti, dry heat and all things desert (of course, all things that can’t be found in the great north). When I had the opportunity to visit The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician Resort  in Scottsdale, AZ, I knew all my desert dreams were going to come true.  There are an array of different ways people seek inspiration amongst their surroundings. For me, I tend to feel calm and my most creative self in a few different settings (the beach, sailing on the wide open ocean and the desert). read more

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Set Free

Trends come and go and often by the time you embraced one or took the plunge to splurge, it has since sailed and a new one is up and coming. When I first spotted the embroidery trend this spring, I knew I had to jump at the chance to pick up a few pieces before this trend would be filed away for another 10 years.

Last week, while I was visiting Los Angeles, I picked up this oversized white button down with dainty embroidered flowers blooming in the back. Although I have a soft spot for button downs (especially when they are available in white), it wasn’t the style or even the embroidery trend that caught my attention…it was the way the flowers were perfectly positioned on the back of the shirt. read more

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Pink As F%#$

This past weekend I had the pleasure of eating at the adorable and even more delicious Pietro Nolita in New York City. I must admit, this quaint little restaurant first came to my attention on Instagram a few months back and I make sure I stop by for a bite each time I am in the city.

Therefore, like all trips to NYC, I made my way to pink heaven to enjoy a lamb burger and a cup of coffee this past weekend. What was different than my previous visits to Pietro Nolita is that I had the pleasure of meeting Pietro himself. I was sitting eating my burger when this nice man approached my table and gave me a sticker that read Pink As F%#$. I of course thanked him for his gesture but not knowing he was the brains and inspiration behind my favorite restaurant. read more

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If Shoes Could Talk

As much as I can appreciate a great pair of shoes, I often find myself gravitating and lusting for new handbags to add to my collection. There is something about a timeless bag that only looks better with age that keeps me wishing for more and more. Yes, there are so many beautiful shoe designers whom I admire and there are also so many styles I would love to own. However, for me, the thought of running such perfection with wear was too difficult to invest.

When I spotted these metallic heels, I knew they were coming home with me immediately. Not only are they in my favorite color and take on a different look with every movement (thanks to the metallic material) … but I swear they spoke to me in the store (or least that is what it felt like!). As they were perched on a shelf amongst other beautiful shoes, I quickly scanned the store to have these heels catch my immediate attention. As soon as I tried them on (the only size remaining), I had my first Cinderella moment. My foot slid easily and comfortably down the arch, they were incredibly comfortable and at that moment they already felt a part of my existing collection. Welcome home! read more

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