Winter Blues

originally posted on The.Lo.Down.

Seasonal Depression is Real

As we truck through the snow and freezing cold this winter, it’s natural to feel somewhat downtrodden with spring months away. Everyone notices seasonal changes differently. While some people aren’t really affected, others find it difficult—if not debilitating—to go about their everyday lives.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) was previously classified as a primary psychiatric illness. Today, however, it’s considered a “specifier” that manifests in people who have recurrent depressive episodes. read more

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How To Cope With Burnout

It may be the summer but there are many of us still in the trenches of the daily grind with no summer vacation in sight. As much as it is important to take time off periodically, this isn’t reality for everyone this season. Without some much needed rest and relaxation it is common to feel overwhelmed and burnt out. As women we often try to do it all but being a multitasking superwoman comes at a price. If we continue to go at the pace we are going, there may be some serious complications down the road. read more

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The Lo Down: Tackling Anxiety

As women, we often feel pressured to “do it all!” Whether it’s the endless to-do lists to get through at work, the pile of household chores waiting at home, or the long list of events we had our hearts set on attending this summer, we manage–or, at the very least, attempt–to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Despite our superhuman personas (because really, there’s no denying the existence of our well-deserved, albeit invisible, capes), our drives come at both a physical and physiological price. A result of wearing one too many hats, our stress levels can skyrocket and our bodies can act out. read more

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5 Ways To Ease Your Nerves Before A Summer Event

There is no better time than the summer to spend time with friends and family while enjoying some sunshine outside. Whether it is an upcoming BBQ, a day at the pool or a night on the town, our schedules often get jam packed during the summer months. Although most upcoming outings are often enjoyable and something to look forward to for many, this is unfortunately not everyone’s reality. For many individuals, the thought of an upcoming social event can result in feeling keyed up and on edge.

Below are 5 simple ways to help prevent anxiety from taking its toll this summer that I recently shared with Kaylee at read more

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The Lo Down: Could It Be Depression?

While it would be rather lovely to live a life of only sunshine and rainbows, this is not always a reality.  It is normal and healthy, in fact, to occasionally experience sadness.  How could you truly appreciate the good if you don’t have the bad to compare it with?  How could you really celebrate triumph if you don’t experience hardship first?

That said, there may be times when your lows outweigh your highs—when there are more difficult days than there are easy ones.  This week on Wellness Wednesday by Blare June I discussed 5 Signs The Dark Cloud Has Yet To Blow Over. read more

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The Lo Down: 5 Signs of Anxiety

Today, I am so excited to announce that I will be contributing weekly to  (yes, that’s right, Lo Bosworth, the winner of the Bloglovin 2015 Best Celeb Blog Award/Laguna Beach & The Hills Alumni).  I am so excited for this unique opportunity to write my own summer series: Wellness Wednesdays with Blare June.  Here is my very first post: 5 Signs Your Anxiety Is Getting The Best Of You 

Please check back weekly as I share my tips and advice on maintaining wellness! read more

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