Bali: The St Regis

For the past three weeks I have shared a series on my recent NYFW adventures (you can read the posts here: one, two and three). I really enjoyed breaking down my travels into distinct posts and as a result reminiscing about my recent memories. Therefore, I decided to start up another three-part series…. but this time instead of NYC….I’m taking you to Bali!

Just a few months weeks back, my husband and I packed our bags and took the lengthly haul over to Indonesia. Ever since I read Diane Von Furstenburg’s first biography about her time living in Bali…I knew this was a place I must visit. With much research and debate over where we would like to devote to our honeymoon travels, Bali continued to come up at the top of the list. Paul and I continue to reminisce on the daily about what we feel was ‘hands down’ the best two weeks of our lives together. If you are currently looking for your next adventure or a honeymoon destination, I can’t recommend the island of Bali enough!

We decided to divide our 2 week stay in Bali into two different trips. For the first week we stayed at the beautiful The St. Regis Hotel in Nusa Dua. I have never been in a more luxury setting in my life. With beach frontage, swimming lagoons and endless amount of water sports……I was in heaven! Over the next two weeks I’ll share what we did in Bali and where we decided to stay for the second half of the trip! Stay Tuned!

But for now….without further ado…..The St. Regis Bali Resortl!

The Resort



After a long flight from Canada to Indonesia, all we wanted to when arriving to Bali was to take a much needed nap. When we pulled up to the St. Regis grounds, I remember vividly my tiredness fading away and excitement and energy rushing over my body. We had finally arrived! After going through security (similar to the airport) as you entered the lobby, I not only felt safe, I felt relaxed. We were greeted with their signature basil lemon refreshment as soon as our feet stepped on the grounds. I ended up liking this drink so much that I ordered it daily at the pool. As our bags were taken to our room, Paul and I decided to map out the grounds on our way to the room!

The Pool




Throughout the grounds, sprawling pools seemed to appear out of every corner of my eye. The pools were not your typical hotel pool (square shaped with lounge chairs lining the edge) but instead the pools flowed throughout the grounds. Comfy white day beds with sheer curtains were perfectly situated at different areas of the pool for you to lay by for hours or to take a quick rest as you explored the never ending pool. As soon as you arrived on a bed, you were greeted by the amazing hotel staff with a cold towel for your face and ice cold bottled water. Paul and I spent many afternoons sitting by the pool, drinking tropical drinks and ordering what may have been the best burger I have ever had from their pool side menu!

Suites and Villas




The St. Regis in Bali is made up of suites and villas. Upon entering our room, we were greeted with so many gifts. A box of St. Regis macaroons, a large chocolate heart, flowers, St. Regis branded incense, St. Regis woven beach bags (that I still use on every holiday since…the perfect beach bag) and of course these his and her beach hats! The room included a living room, walk in closet, bedroom, patio and large bathroom. How adorable is the St. Regis? They filled our tub daily with white and red rose pedals in the shape of a heart! It was too pretty to disrupt! Although the rooms were breathtaking, I have to say my favourite feature was the fact that every room was assigned with their own butler. Coffee, tea and speciality caffeine drinks were complimentary in our room, so let’s just say our butler and I became quite close. I think at times he did not understand how someone could drink that many cappuccinos in one morning. Little did he know that the first few days we were up, bright eyed, in the wee hours of the morning due to jet leg!

The Beach













Paul and I spent most of our days either at the pool or on the beach. As someone who spent their summers literally growing up on the beach, I feel the most at peace when sitting in the sand by the ocean. The hotel had a sprawling access to beach frontage with no other hotels in sight. Our hotel was incredibly private and therefore the only people that were on the grounds were staff and other hotel guests. Similar to the pool, we were greeted by their amazing staff with minted wet towels and ice water to help ‘cope’ with the very hot sun! Like most beach holidays I go on, I read many books, drank some tropical drinks and had a few mid day naps! My ideal day!





This beautiful architecture above was on of the many restaurants that were on the property. Besides the delicious food by the pool and the beach (The Vista Bar), there was also the King Cole Bar near the front of the grounds. We enjoyed the Vista Bar for lunch by the pool and often ate many late night dinners at the King Cole Bar while we enjoyed their live music. Other great culinary options included the Kayuputi Restaurant  (shown above) for fine dinning, Boneka for dinner and the most amazing breakfast and last but not least the Dulang Restaurant. This authentic Indonesia restaurant was located in the quietest corner of their lush tropical gardens. Let’s just say after a week at the St. Regis… tummy was more than satisfied.

The Lagoon




When writing this post I often found myself day dreaming about an upcoming beach holiday on the horizon. Therefore, I decided to search what this season has to offer for one piece swimsuits. I wear solely one pieces due to the fact that wearing this style makes me feel the most comfortable. Luckuly, no longer are speedo swimsuits the only option, but there are now stylish and flattering options for all body types. Next week I’ll be sourcing the best cover ups for you all!

Shop my favourite one-pieces below ….and don’t forget to stop by next week as I share the second part of my three part Bali series..including what I did in Bali (it may or may not include a monkey forest)!

Blare June xx

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