All In Moderation

There is nothing I enjoy more than jetting off to a place near or far for a weekend. There is something so magical about how one minute you can be finishing up your last minute work task…to the next sitting at a beach (and all without taking ‘vacation days’). After many conversations with friends, and others who aspire to travel more, I discovered that quick trips aren’t for everyone. For one, you have to be completely comfortable with always being on the go, you have to be ok with leaving a destination ‘without seeing it all‘ and most importantly you have to get used to airports (the wait, the food and catching up on shut eye in an uncomfortable chair).

I like to think of myself as someone who has gotten good at ‘mastering‘ (if this is even a skill) a weekend trip. I taught myself how to pack lightly, I can leave my house with incredibly short notice (a perk of not having commitments to children or animals) and I can enjoy myself and all with being back at work by Monday at 8 am. However, as much I have ‘mastered’ these skills…one thing I still struggle with, form time to time, is eating in moderation on a holiday.

How many times have you heard….Yes, eat it! You are on vacation! I am all about having anything and everything in moderation but what if your weekends (like most of mine) are on the go…does this really apply? Well let me catch you up…I used to think it continued to apply. I enjoy ice cream, if I even get a glimpse of a burger I need one and I’m a girl that can’t say no to sweet potato fries (trust me, I have tried). Although eating in moderation is something I am trying to be mindful of when traveling, I still find it challenging. That being said, I have come up with a few solutions that I have found helpful over the past few months.

  1. The week prior to leaving for a weekend trip I eat as clean as I can. Whether it is salads and smoothies, I make sure to eat clean, clean, clean.
  2. I try to exercise 3 times a week for the weeks leading up to a holiday or a weekend business trip. I also jump right back on the schedule of healthy eating and working out as soon as I am back on Monday. No excuses.
  3. Fluids, fluids and even more fluids. When sitting by the pool or busy doing an outdoor activity, I make sure I hydrate all day long. Not only does water (if you need something extra add a slice of lemon) make you feel full, it is also very healthy for you (especially when you are in the sun).
  4. Moderation. If you are on a business trip or pleasurable weekend getaway regularly ….life is all about moderation. I have the ice cream, I have burgers (yes, it is pluralized) and like I said above, I can’t (and won’t) say no to sweet potato fries. We are human and we are meant to enjoy the littlest pleasures in life. Just make sure to get back on the train first thing Monday morning.

The photos in this post are from my recent trip to The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician. When I look back at these photos of myself enjoying a waffle cone from their on site ice cream parlour, I don’t think ‘I shouldn’t have eaten so many cones‘…I instead see myself enjoying hard work, hours sweating at Soul Cycle and the importance of moderation.

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Blare June xx

photography: kate nelle 
all photos were taken at The Phoenician


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