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note from Editor-in-Chief: Blare June

Hello my lovelies,

Thank you for visiting! I appreciate you coming along this journey with me.

Blare June has evolved after a lengthy search for a creative outlet to discuss all things I am passionate about: lifestyle, mental health and empowerment.

Lifestyle: We, as women, dress to feel good and express ourselves, eat healthy to energize and fuel our bodies, travel to explore and evolve, and put on our favourite shade of lipstick to brighten up those dreary days. These practices often have more significance than solely a daily routine or a feminine ritual. We participate in these routines to feel good about ourselves; they are therefore important essentials in maintaining personal wellness.

Mental Health: In order to maintain our positive outlook on life and achieve wellness, it is important that we educate ourselves and evolve. Being an individual who works in the field, the topic of mental illness is very near and dear to my heart. I feel omitting this topic from the blog would be shying away from real life and as a result further enhancing stigma. I hope to use this platform to educate, discuss and evolve with readers on this topic. What is more powerful and empowering then being well informed?

Empowerment: I strongly believe in women succeeding, achieving and accomplishing all of their goals and dreams without having to sacrifice their true self and femininity. I feel acknowledging other women’s successes and helping women overcome their personal obstacles not only helps others but also as a result affects personal growth and wellness.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I love creating it.

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About Blare June

Blare June was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. Ever since Blare June was a young girl, she adored  dressing up, feminine details and expressing herself creatively. In addition to this interest, Blare June was also curious about the intersection between the mind, brain and human behaviour. As this curiosity evolved, Blare June decided she wanted to work in the field of mental illness. She has since completed a Bachelors of Science (Bsc) and a Medical Degree (MD). Blare June is currently in her fourth year of her psychiatry residency training.

When Blare June isn’t spending quality time with her husband she can be found around Halifax with her besties drinking cappuccinos at a local café, attending the trendiest exercise class or bopping around local boutiques lusting over the newest arrivals.

Blare June sets out to live each day with passion and a positive outlook. Although not all days are easy breezy, Blare June attempts to maintain this attitude by reflecting on past experiences, empowering others and indulging in life’s simplest pleasures like a morning coffee and dressing to feel good.

Health, both physical and mental, is another fundamental element to maintaining wellness. Blare June hopes to use this platform to educate, discuss and bring awareness to something that directly or indirectly affects us all: Mental Illness.  Blare June understands that a lifestyle blog is not the usual medium for discussing mental illness but that is exactly what Blare June wants to change. This site was constructed to normalize mental illness, as it is something that 1 in 5 individuals live with daily. Why shouldn’t it be part of our every day discussion? As individuals, we are not defined by our conditions but they are just another part of our personal, complex and evolving memoir.

So pour a glass of rosé, sit back and let’s engage, empower and evolve together as Blare June takes us on her journey and exploration of all aspects of wellness.