Ever since Blare June was a young girl she adored adventure, exploring her surroundings and learning about culture diversity. In addition to this interest, Blare June was also curious about the intersection between mind, brain and human behavior. As this curiosity evolved, Blare June decided to pursue this interest and has since completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree with honors in Psychology and a Medical Degree (MD).ย  Blare June is currently working as a psychiatrist.

BlareJune.com is an online travel destination to seek travel inspiration while exploring the connection between travel and mental well-being.

This travel medium curates top travel destinations around the globe and encourages young women to seek their highest level of wellness in the process.

The Blare June reader is a young individual who is adventurous, creative and explorative. They do not only enjoy travel to expand their horizons but they are interested in how travel impacts their overall wellness. For the Blare June reader,ย travel is not solely an escape from everyday life but is an important element in maintaining wellness.ย